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All the projections that you need
Jul 06: In one of the most comprehensive exercises done recently, a research agency has used extensive calculations to arrive at  five yearly projections going up to 2040 for the following items:
8Crude oil prices
8Natural gas prices
8Coal prices
8Carbon prices
8Electricity generation, source-wise
8Source-wise levelized costs
8Sales of vehicles by power train
8Low weight composite cost
8Battery cost
8Fuel efficiency standards
8Steel production
8Steel scrap prices
8Cement production
8Clinker to Cement production
8Country-specific share of alternate fuels
8CCS deployment, country-wise
8Secondary fuel prices
8Aviation demand and ATF prices
8Bio fuel penetration
8Shipping transport demand and fuel prices, alternate fuel penetration, efficiency ratios
8There is also an accompanying bibliography that outlines the various publications from where all this data has been pulled out
8This data will be extremely informative for those who are interested in conducting modeling exercises
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