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Mess up in Sagar Samrat conversion-I: Is the contractor or ONGC to blame?
Jun 23: Nothing highlights more the messy planning and decision making process in ONGC than the manner in which it went around converting the company-owned Sagar Samrat rig into a Mobile Offshore Production Unit.
8The original completion date was May, 2013 and it is not known yet when the vessel will sail out of a strike torn UAE yard, where it is being converted, into ONGC waters on the Indian coast
8For ONGC, it is easy to blame the contractors, in this case a small Indian outfit called Mercator Offshore and UAE based Gulf Piping Company, which is now in deep financial trouble.
8But the big part of the blame for the delay must be squarely on ONGC and its design and planning teams and this website explains why
8Should there then be a full investigation into the run up to the award of the contract and the series of wrong turns that the contract subsequently took?
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