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The future is here-VIII: 20 energy sources to power global economy
Jun 21: An array of energy technologies seems poised for a breakthrough.
8Within two decades, as many as 20 new energy sources could be powering the global economy, including fuel cells; small, modular nuclear-fission reactors; and even nuclear fusion.
8Fossil fuels will only be part of this mix.
8An economy based on so many technologies is unprecedented. The Industrial Revolution relied on steam engines powered by wood, water, or coal.
8In the 20th century, oil and gas were added to the mix, then nuclear fission.
8The abundant choice on the horizon raises new dilemmas.
8Securing those supplies, however, will no longer necessarily depend on access to oil, gas, and coal reserves -- access that has long colored geopolitics.
8In tomorrow’s world, access to the technologies that harness resources such as wind, sun, water, or heat from the earth’s core is likely to matter most.
8Then again, for the past half century, large players have dominated energy markets. Today, technology is spawning many smaller operators at the same time as new sources of capital emerge.
8Smart Indian entrepreneurs can step in here.
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