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Uncertain world: Where does the future lie for the desi equipment and service provider?
Jun 15: As an equipment and service provider, if you believe that the oil & gas industry is a sunset industry, where do you go from here?
8Will you be interested in dropping anchor in another segment of the energy industry or the economy?
8If some opportunities are going to be destroyed, new ones are going to be created.
8The website carries here a full document on where future business development opportunities are going to lie.
8In just four categories (and there are many sub categories) -- food and agriculture; cities; new energy and materials; and health and well-being -- India is projected to spend a massive $ 1.1 trillion.
8The website identifies the 20 largest opportunities which will account for more than 70 percent of this prize.
8There are two ways in which an equipment and service provider can be involved with these futuristic businesses. One way is to become an entrepreneur in an emerging field and the other is to represent companies around the world which are pioneers in these areas and then bring these technologies and equipment to India.
8Some cutting edge technology providers are also identified for those who are interested
8Everyone needs to keep an eye on the future, for the world is changing more rapidly now than ever before.
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