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Business opportunities in the defence sector
Jun 05: Many of our readers represent foreign companies in India and they are interested in business development opportunities not just in the oil & gas sector but across other important segments of the economy as well.
8For reference purposes, the website carries here specific assessments of orders likely in the defence sector in the foreseeable future.
8Under the Make in India programme, the total investment per year is expected to be around Rs one lakh crore, which is a little more than the orders placed in the oil & gas sector.
8While many consider the oil & gas sector as a sunset industry on account of climate change mitigation policies and explosive technological change, defence is not
8Overall, the total orders over the next 15 years in this segment of the defence industry is expected to be of the order of Rs 15 lakh crore.
8These are big numbers by any yardstick
8The website carries here a detailed assessment of how these orders are going to be divided up over the army, navy and air force wings.
8Yes, the defence sector is a closed club but when it comes to the Make in India programme, it will not be the end product manufacturers but the various component and assembly producers who will get involved.
8This is where potential business opportunities lie in this segment, in networking with thousands of such manufacturers around the world who may be interested in setting up base in India in the hope of soliciting orders under this programme.
8On our part, the website has built a unique low-cost project monitoring database that will provide advance leads on defence manufacturing activities in India.
Click on Reports for more on which are the specific armaments in which demand is likely to come up and also contact us to find out more on our defence sector project monitoring database 


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