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Cost benchmark for LNG regasification: Details
Jun 05: For those who are setting up LNG degasification terminals in India, it is important to know the global cost benchmarks for such terminals in India.
8In 2017, the average unit cost of onshore regasification capacity is $334/tonne. This cost has been moving up rapidly over the last few years. In 2015 for example, the cost was $ 90 per tonne less.
8But this is more on account of larger storage tanks to allow for higher imports. The storage capacity size per unit of regasification capacity has been going up.
8There is the likelihood of the regasification cost coming down in 2018.
8On the other hand, the capx of FSRUs has gone down over the past three years, declining from a high of $158/tonne in 2014 to $ 78/tonne in 2017 beginning.
8A rise in FSRU conversions, which can be brought into operations at a lower cost than new-build vessels, will be a factor in reducing average floating terminal capex
8As of now, there are six FSRUs considered to be under construction as well as seven forthcoming FSRU projects that have selected an FSRU provider.
8Four of these projects have notably high capex, indicating that average FSRU costs could be rising moving forward. The website carries here full details of FRSUs in terms of those Laid-Up, Converted FSUs & Converted FLNGs
8As with onshore terminals, larger vessels – and thus greater storage and send-out capacity – have accompanied higher capex. Still, there is generally less variation in overall capx for floating terminals than for onshore facilities, which is partly a reflection of fewer differences in capacity and storage size for vessel-based terminal solutions.
8Data shows that the trend towards choosing FRSUs is likely to gain momentum in the rest of 2017 and in 2018
8A map of global LNG receiving terminals is carried here for reference purposes as also regasification terminals which are currently under construction.
8A full list of regasification terminals is documented in terms of country, start year, terminal name, nameplate capacity, owners and type
8A similar list of under construction, under planning and running liquefaction terminals is carried here.
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