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LNG data: Part-I
Jun 05: For those interested in the LNG industry, the website carries here the following data:
8LNG exports and market share by country
8Incremental LNG exports by country in 2016 over 2015
8Share of global LNG exports by country (1900-2016)
8Re-exports by country (2005-2016)
8LNG exports by region (1990-2016)
8LNG imports and market share by country
8Incremental 2016 LNG imports by country and incremental change relative to 2015
8Disaggregated details of global gas trade 2000-2016 (LNG, pipeline and consumed where produced)
8Inter-Basin trade flows, 1964-2016
8Inter-Basin Trade, 2000 vs. 2016
8LNG trade volumes between countries, 2016
8Short, medium and long term trade, 2010-2016
8Non-long term volumes, 1995-2016
8Non-long tem cargo market development, 1995-2016
8Monthly average regional gas prices, 2010-March, 2017
8European import price formation, 2005-2015
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