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Paper calls for more oil & gas reforms
Jun 05: For reference purposes, the website carries here India’s demand curve for gas based on the delivered cost of gas.
8For large segments of the Indian industry, the delivered cost of LNG remains unaffordable.
8The segments which can afford to absord LNG are much less than those who can.
8A new policy paper now calls for a more getting realistic and trying to push gas into segments these segments only for the moment. 
8Similarly, a more intensive attempt has been called for to kickstart India’s moribund oil and gas sector to meet the Prime Minister’s 2022 aspirations
8The paper also sets out steps for a more robust energy architecture for India, and these include:
8Allowing ONGC and OMCs to create an international talent pool
8Allow only serious players to bid for CGD licenses
8Further simplify contract administration
8Strengthen organizational strcutures
8Establish an energy fund
8Give a level playing field to the fossil fuel industry in relation to renewal energy
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