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Staring at a stagnant future-III: OIL has nothing much to show
Jun 02: 8One company which does not really have a plan for the future is Oil India Ltd
8The company has posted a below expected performace in 2016-17
8And the future does not hold any triggers either.
8There are neither new discoveries to tap that can raise output or any exciting diversification plans.
8The company stays burdened by some of its ambitious acquisition, such as a stake in Mozambique, abroad. They are a long way from being monetized.
8Looks like OIL is left to fight declining output from it ageing oil fields in Upper Assam for the time being from where bulk of its output is derived from till the management can come up with somethings which are exciting and new.
8An oil price rise or a cut in the cess rate are the only two determinants of the company’s performance in the forseeable future.
8For the company brass to depend entirely on parameters over which  it has no control over must be a humbling experience indeed.
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