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New usages for LNG-IV: Vessel loading and gas storage are other options in India
Jun 02: Given India’s long coastline, is tank vessel loading an ecoomic option?
8Cost considerations may come in the way as of now but in the long run, there can be demand from customers.
8A SWOT anaysis shows the advantages and disadvantages of vessel loading options.
8There is also the possibility of storage of LNG and there can be different types of LNG storage tanks such as:
 -- Onshore terminal
 -- Offshore gravity-based terminal
 -- Regasification tanker
 -- Offshore storage and regasification terminal
8LNG storage like crude oil storage can be mandated as policy. Comparison of gas storage costs in tanks or in underground reservoirs is also calculated as also the operating costs of such facilities
8The quantum of optimal stocks to be maintanined by a regasification terminal for protection of consumers is documented as well.
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