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POL consumption goes up in April-I: High growth rates recorded for
May 18: The latest consumption POL consumption data for April, 2017 shows an upswing again, growing by 3.20% over the same month last year
8MS sales are up 4.4% and HSD 2.8%.
8The aviation segment has roared up, with ATF sales galloping at 9.5%.
8LPG consumption has gone up by 3.8% while SKO is down a whopping 40%.
8The point to note however is the high growth rates of "dirty fuels" -- naphtha (7.1%) and petroleum coke 24.5%).
8What does this imply?
8Does that mean that industrial furnaces are using more dirty fuels than cleaner substitutes such as LNG?
8If LNG demand is going up, is it merely substituting a gap in domestic production, instead of replacing liquid fuels.
8Is the offtake of LNG stuck between competition from liquid fuels on one end and coal and renewable energy on the other?
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