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Indian LNG players not moving fast enough-V: Will PLL's marriage to RasGas become a problem?
May 11: In today's world, it is not easy being a buyer.
8GAIL is figuring that out, finding buyers for committed supplies out of the US starting soon. It does not have plan in place and is starting at huge losses.
8So what are the ways out for buyers?
8Creating buyer alliances can make it easier to work on a coordinated plan.
8Diversifying the portfolio has become important. That fact that Petronet LNG Ltd is tied in only to oil indexed long term deals with RasGas increases its risks.
8Building a more diversified portfolio of contracts with different suppliers, periods and pricing issues, and extending portfolio management via intermediary trading companies using financial hedging mehanisms has become essential now for an LNG buyer.
8In this respect, Indian buyers are way behind those from other countries.
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