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Shipping industry in trouble-III: Cynicism persists on use of LNG
May 05: The shipping industry continues to remain cynical about the use of LNG as a bunker fuel
8LNG has the attraction of producing slightly less carbon emissions but this has to be set against the potential dangers of methane leaks as methane is a more lethal greenhouse gas than CO2.
8For many existing ships, the engineering involved may be too costly to permit retrofitting
8The other major unknown is the extent to which the current lack of LNG infrastructure will be addressed before 2020.
8Adding to the uncertainty is the comparative cost economics of LNG and low cost sulphur fuels and the availability of cheap LNG well into the future.
8In the medium term, there is also the possibility of ships using other fuels such as methanol, which for some ships might produce a clean and economically viable solution.
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