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May 05: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Annual Rate Contract for procurement of Commercial Pressure Regulators for City Gas Distribution Project Details
8Overhauling of L and T supplied Breechlock Exhanger in OHCU area at refinery Details
8Supply of Pressure Transmitters at refinery Details
8Providing De-humidification services for Tanks under M and I at refinery Details
8Supply and Commissioning of Automated Pig Launcher in Piyala Bijwasan Section of Mumbai Manmad Bijwasan Pipeline Details
8Supply of Spares of Gas Turbine at refinery Details
8Supply of Multi-functional Additive to blend 3.2 Million Kilolitres of Gasoline Fuel Details
8Supply of High Tensile Strength Steel PG Cylinders fitted with SC Valve to various locations spreads all over india Details
8Supply of License, Basic Engineering Design Package and other Related Services for Second Generation 2G Bio-Ethanol Plant Details
8EOI for Removal of two Underpinned Pipelines (400 MM ND Oil & 350 MM ND Gas) Details
8Hot Oil Circulation Pumping Unit services on Call out Basis for various Onshore blocks in Gujarat Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  
8Groups sue to stop Trump from renewing offshore drilling Details
8Politics, potholes and price drops: the story of Kenya's crude Details 
8Shell's first-quarter profit more than doubles Details
8Several machines sealed for fraud in petrol sale scam Details
8Weights & measures department had alerted oil companies 2 years ago Details
8After chip racket, fuel dispensing machine sealed in Noida Details
8After Lucknow crackdown, UP govt orders statewide inspection of petrol pumps Details
8Chips found in dispensing machines at Moradabad fuel pump, FIR lodged Details
8PSU oil retailers to set up 6,500 LPG distribution centres in two years Details
8Venezuela oil flow to India may be hit Details
8We are targeting 15 per cent Methanol blending in the next few years: V K Saraswat, Member, Niti Aayog Details
8RIL to buy its own gas at $4.23 Details
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