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US LNG terminal owner claims advantage-III: LNG suppliers ranking in 2020
Apr 21: A new ranking of top LNG suppliers in the world by 2020 shows Qatar Gas and RasGas trailing Shell.
8Qatar is trying to fight back by evincing interest in getting new LNG capacity to production within a limited timeline.
8The rest of the ranking shows Petronas as the big player
8Multinationals such as BP, Chevron and Total emerge only lower down the ladder
8The market looks bad at this juncture, with only 25% of volumes signed against new projects. What is more, of the 25 MMTPA of deals singed in 2016, about 65% were for 1 MMTPA or less.
8The outlook however, from the suppliers' point of view, is projected to be very bright from 2020 onwards
8The demand supply gap is seen to be widening from then on  and projects under construction will not be able to keep LNG prices from rising quickly.
8The break-up of projected demand up to 2030, shows India as a very big player indeed in the market.
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