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Environmental rankings: India at the bottom of the ladder
Apr 11: Indian's environmental ranking is 109th from among a list of 127 countries ranked in terms of their energy infrastructure.
8What is even worse is that India has some of the lowest scores in for CO2 emissions from electricity production and PM 2.5 levels (117th and 123rd, respectively).
8While sources of pollution are diverse and intermittent (e.g. agricultural crop burning, refuse combustion, fireworks), the energy sector is a large, consistent contributor to this issue of major concern.
8Many solutions have been attempted with varying degrees of impact, but the country sorely needs a comprehensive plan of action to implement an effective and sustainable answer.
8India also faces an uphill battle to increase energy access and security, as well and is ranked 95th in this category.
8A large percentage of the population still lacks access to electricity (ranked 101st) and uses solid fuels for cooking (108th among all countries) even though we are making progress with out LPG ingression plans.
8This data will be some food for thought for the current government to come out with an over reaching action plan
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