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ONGC's switch to mobile rigs-III: Chinese rigs under watch for poor performance
Apr 10: There is some suspicion in ONGC about the quality of new rigs which are now coming in from China.
8This is more so as the market is now getting to be increasingly dominated by Chinese rigs.
8In the tender for mobile rigs too, the rigs were meant to come in from China
8And all the Indian bidders were essentially sourcing their rigs from the same companies in China.
8The differential in the quoted prices between the bidders was essentially boiled down to the difference in internal margins and operating cost estimates of the bidders.
8Recent workover rigs from a Chinese company were found to be malfunctioning and filters have been put in place by the E&P major to keep such rigs out of India.
Find our more on which are the Chinese rig manufacturers that Indian bidders try and source their rigs from


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