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Using gas to fight pollution-I: Indian proponents can learn to do it better
Mar 07: Proponents who canvass for increasing use of gas to fight pollution in India lack the requisite tools needed to convert stakeholders to their point of view
8The website carries here a pictorial depiction of how gas can help fight pollution and how it is far less polluting than other conventional sources of pollution
8Also provided here in the depiction is how four global mega cities are fighting the battle against pollution by using gas as a tool
Those who push for use of gas are now using the following set of arguments:
8Policies reflecting the full costs of CO2 must also include health care costs
8Effective, transparent and economy wide carbon pricing instruments and stricter air quality, emissions regulations and efficiency standards
8Regulatory changes that enable the integration of energies within decentralized smart energy grids
8Well-designed capacity remuneration mechanisms (CRM) for natural gas power generation especially in case of rapid deployment of renewable energies as is the case with India
8Greater financial support towards investments in innovation and technology which capture the complementarity of natural gas and renewable energy systems
8The transition to a more global natural gas market must be advanced (liquidity, competitiveness, security of supply, pipelines and LNG)
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