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Discovered Small Fields: 31 contracts awarded
Feb 16: 31 contracts have been awarded under the Discovered Small Fields Bid Round 2016
8The details of the contractors winning the bids are carried here
8Under the DSF Bid Round 2016, a total of134 e-bids were received for 34 Contract areas.
8Subsequently, through a detailed evaluation of the bids, 22 companies (singly or in consortium) were shortlisted for 31 Contract Areas. Of these 22 companies, 15 companies are new entrants to the E&P sector.
8It is estimated that with the current bid round, the anticipated cumulative peak production would be around 15000 BOPD of oil and 2 MMSCMD of gas from all the awarded fields, considering that in place volume reserves of 62 MMT of oil and oil equivalent gas over economic life is expected to be monetized, a government release said.
8Further, it has been estimated that the indicative gross revenue over economic life would be approximately Rs. 46,400 crores, of which royalty collection and Government’s revenue share is expected to be around Rs. 5000 crores and Rs. 9,300 crores, respectively.
8The PIB release also made a tall claim: That "investments into the awarded blocks are expected to generate an employment of over 37,500 (people)".
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