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Transportation sector the biggest polluter-I: Business as Usual case can have grim consequences
Feb 07: A new paper has envisaged a grim scenario of continued increase in liquid fuel consumption by the transportation sector and the consequent increase in carbon emissions in a 15-year projection for India.
8The transport sector's share in consumption of liquid hydrocarbons is expected to go up from the current level of 48% to 61%
8Road transport will consume over 90% of the energy within the transportation sector as the number of on road vehicles are expected to quadruple by 2031-32
8The fuel basket will remain undiversified within the transport sector with liquid hydrocarbons making up 92% of the total consumption. Import dependence of crude will go up 91% by 2031-32 from 76% in 2011-12.
8Share of transport sector in emissions will be go up from 14% to 19%. Pollution levels will go up in all cities and pollution related mortality rates will go up dramatically.
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