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Economic Survey 2017: Economy faces headwinds
Feb 01: The website carries here a copy of the Economic Survey, 2017
8This is a must-read for any analyst in the oil & gas sector as the document lucidly explains the underlining factors that govern the Indian economy.
8More than any other analysis, the survey explains the impact of demonetization on the Indian economy in lucid details
8The slow down in growth and in private sector investment has been captured as also the sharp decline in credit growth
8The gap was meant to be plugged by public sector investment but even that seems to have slowed down
8The survey admits that the sweet spot that India enjoyed in the last two years seems to be on the wane and some opportunities may have been missed
8Given a government of India document, the survey continues to remain more positive than the general sentiment on the prospect of the Indian economy in the coming year and the next
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