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Business Opportunity I: Procurement of rig and associated equipment for 5 well development programme
Jan 30: The proposal has been submitted in the environment ministry for which TOR has been granted.
8EC is expected by end of May, 2017.
8The RFQs, Tenders and Procurement for equipments will be done in the next few months in the following manner: 
--Core Hole Drilling Rig, March-2017 
--Drilling Bits and Coring Bits, Feb-2017

--Tubular pipes and ERW pipes, March-2017
--Drilling spools, DSA and Flanges, Feb-2017
8Tenders for Drill Pipes will be released by April-2017  

8The RFQs for Rig, Coring Liners, Core Barrels and electrical equipment will be released subsequently.
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