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Gas faces an uncertain future
Jan 13: Gas suppliers have argued that they can play a major role in the transition to decarbonised energy markets because of the advantages of switching from coal to gas, and the role of gas in backing up intermittent renewable power generation.
8While this argument remains a logical approach and this has gained credibility with the government of India, the suppliers have been unsuccessful so far in gaining the backing of the global environment community.
8This has left gas in a position of continuing to be labelled a fossil fuel, where its carbon-related advantages over other fossil fuels are viewed in the longer term (2030-50) as, at best, questionable.
8Decarbonisation is ongoing and unstoppable.
8The key variables which will determine the long-term future of gas will be policy and technology, as well as economics, defined as the price of gas in relation to the costs and prices of  other sources of energy, impacted by policy measures such as carbon pricing.
8But depending upon how quickly technology and policy changes, there is certain risk for different asset classes, from LNG terminals to pipelines becoming redundant
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