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5-to-10 year perspective on power sector: Must read for gas suppliers
Dec 26: Increasing demand for gas from the power sector can be a game changer for gas suppliers in India
8The latest five-to-fifteen year perspective on demand and supply data for electricity along with other attendant information released by the government has huge relevance for gas suppliers
8One finding is that there will be no need for coal fired projects in the next five years
8The plan highlights different technologies available for efficient generation, transmission and distribution of power in the next five years while also providing clear fuel choices based on economy, energy security and environmental considerations.
8The impact of CO2 emissions is analysed in great detail. The CO2 emission from gas based power stations is almost half of what is generated by coal based power stations and this is taken into account in the projections.
8This is a must read 400-page document on the Indian power sector for any gas sector enthusiast in India
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