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Business development opportunities coming up
Dec 26: For a business development manager in the oil & gas and related areas, the website carries here details of projects where business development opportunities can come up in the future. Among them are:
8A 30 TPH fertilizer blending unit for customized NPK production, 25 MW along with MP stream (37 kg/Cm2g) Gas Turbine (GT), unfired capacity of 50 MT/Hr.(70 MT/Hr supplementary firing).
8A Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Synthetic Organic, Inorganic, Specialty Chemicals along with Coal based Captive Power Plant (100 MW)
8An onland exploratory drilling programme by Cairn Energy
8A greenfield ammonium phosphate plant
8A new Ethylene Recovery Unit and a Mono Ethylene Glycol Unit
8A new 12 lakh tonne NPK fertilizer unit
8RIL's expansion and debottlenecking programme at Nagathone
8Installation of a new Gasoline hydrotreatment plant and associated facilities
8Three LPG bullets plants
8A two well drilling programme along with a Effluent Treatment Plant
8A 19 well onland exploratory and appraisal drilling programme
8A 30-well onland developmental drilling programme along with a GCS and pipeline laying programme
8Additional cogeneration unit in a gas turbine in a crude and gas processing plant
8Development drilling of 400 wells in an onland asset
8Four exploratory drilling well programme
8Energy improvement plan in an existing ammonia-urea complex
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