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Small LNG plant coming up: RFQs in February, 2017
Dec 26: Environmental clearance for a small sized LNG plant (less than 2 MMTPA) is expected in January, 2017
8Sources said commissioning will take around 13 months from clearance
8The TOR was granted in May, 2016
The RFQ’s for the following equipment and services are expected to be floated in February, 2017:
-- LNG storage,  transportation and regasification facility
-- Development of necessary facilities/equipment for ship berthing and mooring, LNG unloading arms with all safety measures
-- Onshore Insulated cryogenic pipeline
-- Control room
-- Pig receiver and launcher/filter
-- Pressure control system
-- Metering Skid
-- Pipeline for connectivity to existing gas distribution grid
-- LNG vessels
The project also involves extension of existing berth.
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