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Dec 02: The website carries here details on the following bits of news & information:
8The completion date for the 2100 km Mehsana-Bhatinda-Jammu-Srinagar Pipeline (MBJSPL) project is December, 2017.
8Preliminary site work has already begun on the KG-DWN-98/2 block.
8State-wise details of LPG connections surrendered and subsidies saved as a result
8State-wise number of LPG connections given to BPL families
8Update on IOC's LPG pipeline from Kandla in Gujarat to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh
8Steps taken to promote the use of LNG in the transport sector
8Impact on inflation of increase in prices of petroleum products
8Methodology adopted by Oil Marketing Companies to calculate the customer price of petrol and diesel
8List of approved gas pipelines which are currently under development
8Government says that use of CNG helps bring down vehicular pollution by half along with state-wise distribution details of CNG stations
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