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Oil India Ltd: Nothing new to look forward to
Dec 02: Oil India (OIL) reported 9% YoY decline in EBITDA mainly led by lower oil and gas realisations.
8Lower other income and higher depreciation further dragged PAT down.
8OIL’s profits remain largely unaffected if crude price is above US$ 47/bbl as the subsidy sharing burden kicks in above this price.
8However, at lower crude prices, negatives from lower net realisation outnumber the benefits from reduction in oil under-recovery.
8No subsidy sharing is expected by upstream players for crude below US$ 47/bbl.
8Operationally performance should be mixed for OIL going ahead. Oil volumes will remain flat, however, gas volumes will increase at ~6% p.a. Crude prices are likely to remain range-bond.
8So in reality nothing much is expected out of the company as of now unless the company's new chairman works hard to bring about the requisite changes.
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