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India's push to be a gas-based economy-II: Massive investments planned
Dec 01: India's push to move to a gas-based economy -- so as to bring down COP 21 mandated emissions levels by a committed 33-35% by 3030 -- can provide outstanding business development opportunities in the medium to long term.
A look of the following data can show how billions of dollars of investments are possible:
8The petroleum minister said that domestic pricing of gas is based on on gas on gas contracts. Indian companies have signed US contracts on Henry Hub prices. India is diversifying away from Qatar to other suppliers such as US and Australia
8Around 34 MMTPA of additional LNG capacity is coming up
8The National Gas Grid will double to 30,000 km in five years
8$ 8 billion will be spent in attendant gas based  infrastructure along the Jagdishput-Haldia and Bokaro-Dhamra pipeline network
8The Surat-Paradip Pipeline, Mallavaram-Bhopal-Bhilwara-Vijaipur Pipeline, Mehsana-Bhatinda-Jammu-Srinagar pipelines are coming up, all aimed at pushing gas deeper into India.
8Consumption of gas is slated to double to 240 MMSCMD in the next five years
835 new cities will have CGD connections in the next two years
8A large number of new gas-based fertilizer units are coming up, each with an investment of Rs 6000 crore
8If LNG prices stay low, gas utilization in the power sector will go up
8Gas based power plants will complement 175 GW of renewal energy projects coming up by 2022
8The big emphasis is in the use of LNG and CNG in the transportation sector. It is projected that 25% of India's transportation fuel requirement will come from gas.
8Indian refineries which use naphtha and Fuel Oil as primary fuels will switch over to gas as will new petrochemical hubs which are coming up
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