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Company bosses in the firing line-I: They should get ready for tough questions
Nov 28: The oil industry is undergoing dramatic change and the boards of oil companies are now being increasingly subjected investor questions.
The website has collated a set of model questions that the company brass is likely to face in the future. Among the possible questions which could be asked are:
8What is the company’s outlook for future energy demand? What are the key outlook input assumptions and ranges tested with respect to
(i) speed and alignment of regional and national policy measures to deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement,
(ii) technology break-through and penetration (in particular, renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy demand profile), and
(iii) oil and carbon pricing?
8How and why do these assumptions diverge from actual trends and projections as well as other 2°C reference cases?
8What were the notable impacts of a 2°C scenario and did this analysis lead to significant changes to the strategy or business plan?
8In the event global temperature rises above 2°C, what physical climate-related impacts do you anticipate may impact the business?
8Do the company’s internal scenarios consider the negative macroeconomic impacts of climate change as raised by the World Bank and others, and how those might impact fossil fuel demand?
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