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Platforms for KG-DWN-98/2: RFQ out
Nov 28: The RFQ for the Offshore Process Platform (CPP & LQUP) project for the KG-DWN-98/2 is finally out.
8The scope of work for the tender will include Surveys (pre-engineering, pre-construction/ pre-installation and post-installation) Design, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Load out, Tie down / Sea fastening Tow- out/ Sail-out, Transportation, Installation, Hook-up, Testing, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of the following facilities:
8Central Processing Platform (CPP) with bridge connecting to LQUP for Processing Gas Compression and handling capacity of 12.75 MMSCMD
8Well fluid Receiver for import gas with Pig Launcher & Pig receiver.
8Export Gas Pig Launcher.
8Gas Separation facilities with production separators.
8Booster /Export Gas Compression System consisting of Gas Turbine driven centrifugal compressors along with suction scrubbers, after coolers, discharge scrubbers and associated piping
8Fuel Gas system consisting of fuel gas conditioning package with fuel gas scrubber, filter coalesces and super heaters.
8Gas Dehydration System
8Living Quarters and Utilities Platform (LQUP) –LQ with heli deck, Central control room and all utilities
8Bridge connecting CPP and LQUP
8Transport and installation of jacket and topsides
8 All top side equipment supply, approvals, testing, commissioning and installation as per design including detailed engineering. 
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