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Gas may lose out in India-I: Power sector may be powered by ultra super critical coal technology
Nov 23: One of the biggest boost gas in India can come from the power sector. But the website carries here two different scenarios, both of which do not see gas playing a big role in India
8One believes that ultra super critical technology which will burn coal more efficiently will resolve India's carbon emission problems arising out of its need for more power generation capacity. Another view point believes that India's renewable energy thrust will plug the gap.
8The use of sub-critical and super critical coal technology in the power sector may come under the lens of the government because of high carbon emissions
8The Indian government is now a signatory to bringing down emissions and it will have to look carefully at the coal option to generate power.
8But new ultra super critical low emission power projects can be a preferred option for power generation if gas prices continue to remain unaffordable
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