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Petroleum Data
Nov 22: 8The website carries here details of State and oil marketingcompany-wise details of irregularities of under-measurement and adulteration found at Retail Outlets during the last three years and in the current year (April-September, 2016)
8The petroleum ministry has clarified that at present there is no discount on sale of crude oil by ONGC and royalty is being paid to states on the basis of price realized by ONGC.
8The website carries here the list of agreements, including one that looks at the feasibility study of a gas pipeline from Russia to India, signed between Russia and India at the Goa Summit
8Details are carried here of the total foreign investment in India's E&P sector so far along with company-wise investment details
8Details are also carried here of the latest ethanol and biofuels policies as well as procurement and pricing details
8Latest data on LPG connections released by the government are documented here
8Total approved cost for building crude storage facilities in India and the amount spent year-wise so far are tabulated
8Details of product-wise import of crude and petroleum products in the last three years, along with data up to April-September, 2016
8LPG import data for the last three years up to April-September, 2016
8Region-wise, country-wise crude import data for the last three years
8Production vs. consumption of petroleum products over the last three years
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