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The new technological invasion-II: How they are making a difference
Nov 21: Find our more on how new technology is already bring about change in the oil and gas industry.
8Drones are being increasingly used for detailed inspection of oil fields, cutting both cost and time for companies
8In billion dollar construction projects, companies used to order 3-5 per cent excess material, which was later sold at a steep discount. By managing the vast amounts of data available, a company is able to predict exactly what is needed and when it will be delivered, thus reducing wastage
8In order to boost production of crude oil from deep water wells, and oil and gas company has developed a new type of pipe, called a steel lazy wave riser, to carry oil and gas from its deep water field for processing. The pipe bends to absorb the motion of the sea and the floating platform, which the company says boosts production at extreme depths
8Robotic devices are increasingly in use to clean and check the inside of pipelines more quickly and this has raised throughput significantly.
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