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Four well gas drilling programme-II: Equipment requirement and RFQ daes
Nov 21: Attached to the four additional gas wells will the requirement for a gas collection station
RFQs are to be floated in January, 2016 for:
8Manifold and Vessels
8Heat exchangers and Pumps (ETP, OWS, Fire pump etc.)
8Tanks will float by Jan-2017.
8Electrical and Instrumentation will float by Feb-2017.
8Mechanical and Civil equipments will float by Jan-2017.
Other miscellaneous items which be needed are:
8Gas metering station with Filters
8Fuel Gas System
8Instrument Air Package
8Process Control and Monitoring System
8Closed Blow down and OWS System
8Fire fighting System
8Bay Loading System
8Raw Water Softening System
8Water Seal
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