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Our project monitoring software has begun throwing up results
Nov 17: After a year of testing, our project monitoring software has begun throwing up results.
8After filling up the static databases that include technical information and key contacts in oil & gas companies and their industrial enterprises and units, we have begun updating the dynamic project related segments as of this week.
8The information provided is of what is up ahead in terms of capital and maintenance expenditure in every industrial unit in an oil & gas enterprise.
8Our focus is on the nature of the expenditure and our principal objective is to find out when is a future RFQ date coming up along with key contacts associated with the RFQ, be it from the owner or the EPC or EPCM contractor or sub contractor.
8For you, a deal will just be a phone call away.
8This information is dynamic and changes several times as a project progresses. RFQ dates keep coming up for different groups of equipment and services, until the project is commissioned. After commissioning too, we continue to track planned and unplanned maintenance expenditure, alerting you of business development expenditure in this segment as well.
8Scores of parameters are monitored around a project as it progresses. Our intention is to give you very specific business opportunity intelligence in the oil and gas sector, involving your equipment and services.
8We have begun updating our news sections here in the website with inputs that are now coming straight from the software.
8We proudly believe we have created the best project monitoring software in the country, focused entirely on the specific needs of the oil sector business development manager.
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