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E&P drilling fluids: Nano particles make an entry
Nov 15: Nano particle drilling fluids are now making an entry into the market.
8Nano additives bring about significantly improved results in raising wellbore strength,  reducing fluid losses and friction during drilling, with the latter translating to a faster rate of penetration.
8One technology involves braking down iron and carbon constituents into nano form, enabling them to form a thin, yet durable, filter cake around the inside of the wellbore. This action takes place within minutes of introducing the nanoparticles into the drilling fluid base.
8As the particles move into the small pores and fractures of the exposed rock, the effective permeability is reduced, making it less likely that drilling fluids will bleed into the formation and weaken the wellbore.
8With less formation damage, it also becomes less likely that wellbore walls will collapse in on a drillstring, a common problem known as stuck pipe. And when the proper balance of fluids and well pressure is not effectively managed, even worse issues can arise such as a blowout.
8Technology now enable to redesign the shape, size, and function of nanoparticles to address a number of different drilling conditions.
8It is time for Indian E&P operators to look at this fascinating new technology
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