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Oil India Ltd-I: Future blind
Nov 10: The website carries here a presentation on the performance of Oil India Ltd. (OIL)
8The company's financials are strong and it projects a vision of itself by the year 2030.
8Business development opportunities are likely to be available for equipment and service providers
8The problem however is that the company does not address how it plans to handle the exigencies of climate change over the next 15 years when a tax on carbon and other regulations will begin to kick in hard.
8The Vision 2030 for the company will undergo significant course correction going along, as disruptive technology and decarbonization begin to make a difference to every E&P company in the world.
8As of now OIL is unprepared for the future. The immediate prospect for the company is good, and there is a "buy" recommendation is out but the future remains fuzzy, particularly with some of its high value assets in Mozambique and Colombia, and also closer home.
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