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Oil demand to peak as early as 2030: Impossible to keep global warming down unless extraordinary steps are taken
Nov 09: As of now, new research shows that energy-related greenhouse-gas emissions will rise 14 percent in the next 20 years.
8That is not what needs to happen to keep the planet from warming another two degrees, the goal of the 2015 Paris climate conference.
8Emissions are likely to flatten our around 2035, a little too late to keep temperatures below the 2 degree mark.
8The fact that the world is likely to add another 1.5 billion more people by 2035 and the global GDP will rise by about half over that period will not help keep global warming down. All those people will need to eat and work, and that means more energy.
8The only redeeming feature is that concerted global action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, for example, could change the arc of these trends.
8Technological disruptions could also bend the curve.
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