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Climate change will bite hard-III: Global decarbonization rate will have to pick up
Nov 07: Countries like India are likely to be hardest hit with climate change.
8The emergency pollution levels in Indian cities are already a stark reminder of how grim the future is going to be.
8Already businesses are impacted, as key executives are showing unwillingness to be transferred into areas where pollution levels are high.
8The world as well as India will have to do a huge amount of decarbonization to be able to keep the globe from warming up beyond the 2 degree limit.
8A 6.8% decarbonization rate per year is needed to stay within limit whereas all that the world has achieved between 2000 to 2015 is 1.3%.
8Overall, the Paris Accord has been able to elicit a decarbonization commitment of 3% per year.
8And while this is a good beginning, the rate has to double for climate change impact to stay within two degrees.
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