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Climate change will bite hard-V: ZEVs will change OMCs' business model forever
Nov 07: The key risk to Indian oil marketing companies will be the proliferation of zero emission vehicles (ZEV) and hybrids resulting in decreasing demand for petroleum products used in road vehicles
8Indian companies have very little idea as yet or any reliable projections for ZEV penetration and impact on gasoline and diesel sales.
8So refinery expansion plans are being made without taking this vital aspect into account.
8It is now well known that a fundamental change is underway in the automotive markets motivated mostly by climate regulations.
8The California Air Resources Board now wants 100% of the new vehicles sold in California to be ZEV by 2030.
8A recent study concluded that ZEVs may be more economic than gasoline powered ones by 2020.
8Last year ZEV sales grew by about 60% globally. Volkswagen estimates 20-25% of its new sales will be electric and hybrid by 2025 with Nissan targeting a figure of 20% all electric for Europe by 2020. Honda has a target of 60% by 2030 and market leader Toyota a 100% of new vehicle sales by 2050, both targets include all hybrids and zero emission vehicles.
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