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Climate change will bite hard-VI: Emergency levels of pollution can lead to drastic action
Nov 07: Driven by emergency pollution levels, and goaded on by the media and the public, the Indian political system is capable of taking drastic steps to reduce pollution.
8A call similar to to one made by the California Air Resources Board is possible too though to some it may look a little impractical.
8Globally, even the biggest oil and gas majors. leave alone their Indian counterparts, look the other way when it comes to discussion on the impact of electric vehicles on their businesses
8Exxon projects less than 10% plug-in-hybrid and electric vehicles (PHV/EV) by 2040, while companies such as Shell and BP offering a vague projection of renewables powering less than 10% of all transport by 2035/2040.
8The ten oil and gas companies are working with a renewables market share of global electric power of between 10% (Exxon) and 33% (Eni) by 2040.
8This compares with the IPCC's projection of “more than 80%” share for low-carbon energy in the electricity sector by 2050.
8It is time for the oil and gas major in India to wake up and take notice.
8Climate change will hit them the hardest unless they begin to take proactive steps from now.
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