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Disruptive technology-I: Focus is on use of hydrogen for large scale power generation
Nov 03: All kinds of disruptive technologies are likely to jostle for space in what is an uncertain future for the global energy industry.
8The website carries here a report by a highly prestigious national research institute that says that hydrogen fuel is going to play a very important role going ahead.
8Hydrogen will be used as a big source of fuel not just for automobiles but also for power generation.
8The future will see thermal power still playing a role but with attached Carbon Capture and Storage technology. Nuclear power and renewals then fill up the gap.
8Hydrogen in power generation is a new infusion into the energy matrix.
8Earlier, a combination of advanced technologies, involving battery storage, was meant to bring about the much needed cut in carbon emissions but the use of hydrogen is now expected to be responsible for half of the reduction in carbon emissions in the future, according to the research report.
8It is necessary for those with an eye to the future to keep track of fresh developments on the technology front
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