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Global warming is beginning to bite-I: Is India prepared?
Nov 02: Globally, climate change is beginning to bite as temperatures are breaking record highs year after year.
8But countries are taking concrete steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. China for example has halted plans for new coal-fired power plants in many parts of the country, and construction  of some approved plants will be postponed until at least 2018. This announcement means that about 200 plants of 105 GW capacity may not be completed. China is aiming at reaching a peak in  carbon emissions by 2030.
8India however is yet to begin controlling its carbon emission levels but being a signatory to the climate change treaty, it will soon have to begin work earnestly to reduce emissions. The breakneck speed at which India is consuming fossil fuels has to slow down.
8Are Indian oil & gas companies prepared to take on the challenge that is likely to come as a result of measures that the government will be forced to take to put a lid on carbon emissions?
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