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Breakdown of gas consumption in September: Details
Nov 02: For reference purposes, the website carries here a breakdown of gas production and consumption in India in September, 2016.
8LNG import increased by 512.87 MMSCM in September, 2016 which was 28.62% higher as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.
8Around 50% of the total LNG import in September, 2016 was from Qatar, 11.54% each from Australia, UAE and Singapore and 7.69% each from Nigeria and Spain.
8Total natural gas consumption (net production of domestic gas + LNG import) was higher by 8.68% for the current financial year up to September, 2016 in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year.
8The fertilizer sector was the largest consumer of gas at 43.5 mmscmd
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