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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Sep 13 : Provision of HydroFrac Flowback Specialist Services for KG-OSN-2001/3 Block   Details
Sep 13 : Maintenance contract for Pipelines & Terminals under Trombay Region   Details
Sep 12 : Rewinding of Mainline Motor of Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline, Panipat Refinery   Details
Sep 12 : Hiring services of upkeepment,cleaning oil assistance in other operational job under operational section, Assam   Details
Sep 12 : Hiring of consultant for carrying out feasibility study of proposed sea water pipeline, Mundra   Details
Sep 12 : Supply of Software, Caesar-II, Pipe Stress Analysis, Digboi Refinery   Details
Sep 12 : Supply of Sulphur Guard Catalyst for HGU-1, Barauni Refinery   Details
Sep 12 : Carrying out Coating refurbishment of mainline (BKPL,GSPL & HMRBPL) in ERPL   Details
Sep 12 : Laying of Gas Distribution Pipelines, Assam   Details
Sep 12 : Laying of Gas Flowline from Hapjan OCS to Borhapjan Wells, Assam   Details
Sep 09 : Procurement of 5600 MT of N-Hexane for two year period, Pata   Details
Sep 09 : EOI for Third Party Quality Control Services during Acquisition of 2D Seismic Data   Details
Sep 09 : Procurement of High Pressure Flanges for use in Drilling Rigs   Details
Sep 09 : Hiring services of vehicles for OIL’s seismic survey operations in Assam & Arunachal Pradesh   Details
Sep 09 : Agency for assistance in various Inspection and Non Destructive Testing jobs, Haldia Refinery   Details
Sep 09 : Procurement of HSD for Gail, Kailaras Compressor Station   Details
Sep 08 : Rate contract for maintenance of RoW facilities in Mainline of BKPL & HBPL, Barauni Oil Refinery   Details
Sep 08 : Gas Sale from Pundi Field of Cauvery Asset   Details
Sep 08 : Automated Ultrasonic Scanning of two Propylene Mounded Vessels, Mumbai Refinery   Details
Sep 08 : Appointment of Consultant for formulating Policy on Joint Venture and Subsidiary Companies of GAIL   Details
Sep 08 : Refurbishment of Cathodic Protection System, Mumbai Refinery   Details
Sep 08 : Procurement of Shot Peened Pipes and Lap Joint Flanges for Pnuematics Conveying Line of LLDPE Plant, Pata   Details
Sep 07 : EOI for carrying out integrated fracture modeling for basement of Mumbai High Field, Western Offshore Basin   Details
Sep 07 : Carrying out Subsea Well Intervention activity for Subsea Wells   Details
Sep 07 : Supply and Commissioning of VCB along with protection and metering system through retrofitting at existing HT Panel, Dibiyapur   Details
Sep 07 : Integrity Assessment Survey of Non-Piggable Pipelines of JLPL   Details
Sep 07 : Carrying out Internal Corrosion Direct Assesment of NG and LPG pipelines   Details
Sep 07 : AMC for Hydrojet Cleaning of Heat Exchangers in Downstream Units of PC-I & PC-II, Pata   Details
Sep 06 : Carrying out Seismic Survey Operation for acquiring 2D seismic data of 5000 shots using manual dheki & Mechanized drilling rig   Details
Sep 06 : Carrying out Equipment Erection & Piping Works at Mathura Refinery   Details

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