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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Nov 04 : Procurement of Mass Flow Meters, Gujarat Refinery   Details
Nov 04 : Supply of Gas Turbine spares, Digboi Refinery   Details
Nov 04 : Laying and construction of pipeline alongwith associated works for Kochi to Mangalore Pipeline Project   Details
Nov 04 : External and Annual Safety Audit of pipeline installations   Details
Nov 04 : Desander Facility at offshore DDW1 Wellhead platform at KG-OSN-2001/3 Offshore Block   Details
Nov 03 : Carrying out CAT & DCVG Survey of undergrund pipelines, Digboi Refinery   Details
Nov 03 : Installation of supplied product pipelines, Narimanam   Details
Nov 03 : Charter hire of one 100MT work over rig for a period of six months, Karaikal   Details
Nov 03 : Fabrication and Supply of Strainers on rate contract basis, Kakinada   Details
Nov 03 : Construction of Crude Oil storage tanks, Assam   Details
Nov 03 : Supply of Pressure and Temperature Gauges, Chennai   Details
Nov 03 : Ultrasonic Thickness Survey of POL tanks and product pipelines   Details
Nov 02 : Supply of Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer, Guwahati Refinery   Details
Nov 02 : Supply of Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter and Temperature Transmitter, Guwahati Refinery   Details
Nov 02 : Operation & Maintenance of Oil Spill Response Equipment   Details
Nov 02 : Procurement of DGMS approved Multi gas detector with Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen di-oxide sensors   Details
Nov 02 : Supply of Pipes for Ennore Project and requirement on ARC basis, Mumbai   Details
Nov 02 : Supply of Transportable Multigas Detector with 4 sensors, Barauni Refinery   Details
Nov 02 : Re-certification of Southern Region Pipelines, Chennai   Details
Nov 01 : Supply of Anhydrous Denatured Ethanol at OMC locations   Details
Nov 01 : Engineering and Project Management Consultancy for Ramanmandi-Bahadurgarh Pipeline capacity   Details
Nov 01 : EPM and SS consultant for Leh POL Depot project   Details
Nov 01 : Carrying out Pipeline RoW exposure Repair work at different locations, Assam   Details
Nov 01 : Carrying out Off-Shore Pipeline Survey at WRPL, Vadinar   Details
Nov 01 : Supply of Coke Cutting Device, Digboi Refinery   Details
Nov 01 : Obtaining Consent To Establish from State Pollution Control Boards for Koyali-Ahmednagar Pipeline   Details
Nov 01 : GPS based Foot patrolling, Surveillance, Report Generation and submission for pipeline under Dibiyapur jurisdriction   Details
Oct 31 : Procurement of different types and size of cleaning pigs including spares of pigs for the pipelines, Vadodara   Details
Oct 31 : Conversion of Nonpiggable to Piggable pipelines under Silvasa Region   Details
Oct 31 : Hiring of contract services for lowering of pipeline exposed section, Ujjain Region   Details

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