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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3944
Nov 15 : Supply of PRS at various pipeline tapoff locations   Details
Nov 15 : Post Construction Audit and Hazop for C23, GAIL, Vijapur   Details
Nov 15 : “Hiring of Services for ROU (Right of User) for laying of pipeline network of surface facility."   Details
Nov 14 : Design, Engineering, manufacturing, Inspection including inspection by TPIA, testing at manufacturers works, packing, supply of the PIPES   Details
Nov 14 : Procurement of Clamps for 20” Pipeline for KG-OSN-2001/3 BLOCK   Details
Nov 14 : Marine,Storage-cum Erection- All Risk Insurance policy for new lean gas compressor project of ONGC   Details
Nov 11 : Procurement of Rigging Equipments   Details
Nov 11 : Annual Rate Contract (ARC) for Drager Make Portable Gas Detectors for a Period of Two Years (2016-18) at CPCL, Manali.   Details
Nov 11 : Civil jobs for construction of outlets under Ahmedabad RO   Details
Nov 11 : Testing of Pipelines, HPCL   Details
Nov 11 : External Safety Audit, GAIL   Details
Nov 11 : Rate Contract for Condition Monitoring at GAIL-VIjaipur   Details
Nov 11 : Hiring of Services by ONGC for Annual Maintenance (AMC) of Cement Testing Equipment for a period of 03 (Three) years.   Details
Nov 10 : Item Rate Contract for piprline and CP Maintenance, Cherlapally   Details
Nov 10 : Procurement of Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Transmitters, Visakhapatnam   Details
Nov 10 : Supply of Methanol, Pata   Details
Nov 10 : Procurement of 4450 MT of Butene for LLDPE/ HDPE unit   Details
Nov 10 : Sale of Condensate produced from KG-OSN-2001/3 Offshore Block, Kakinada   Details
Nov 10 : Wrapping & coating jobs for inspection of underground Dumad cross country pipelines   Details
Nov 10 : Procurement of Hydrogen Gas and Mafron Gas, Digboi Refinery   Details
Nov 09 : Supply of Compressor Spares, Digboi Refinery   Details
Nov 09 : Supply of Mass flow meter, Digboi Refinery   Details
Nov 09 : Rate Contract for supply of Liquid Nitrogen Gas   Details
Nov 09 : Civil and Piping works for new process units for Panipat, Gujarat, Haldia and Bongaigaon Refineries   Details
Nov 09 : Supply of X-Mass Tree Assembly, Assam   Details
Nov 09 : Supply of Dimethyl Disulfide for Hydrocracker unit, Motorspirit Plant and Wax Hydrofinishing Unit   Details
Nov 08 : Provision of PCC below product and hydrant Pipelines at CBMT, Narimanam   Details
Nov 08 : Rate contract for fabrication of mild steel horizontal liquid petroleum storage tanks   Details
Nov 08 : Supply of Gas Detectors, Haldia Refinery   Details

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