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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3944
Nov 29 : Supply of Rotary substitutes, Duliajan   Details
Nov 29 : Procurement of chemicals for drilling purposes, Assam   Details
Nov 29 : Procurement of Industrial Gases, Assam   Details
Nov 25 : Leakage repair of manifold line & separator lines, ONGC   Details
Nov 25 : Supply of line pipe-PVPL   Details
Nov 25 : Supply of SS Pipe under Third Party Inspection with MTC as per Specifications   Details
Nov 24 : Hiring of third party inspection agency for B-127 cluster pipeline project retender   Details
Nov 24 : Construction of storage tank and bore well at ‘MSAA’ EPS in Krishna area (Bantumilli block). Sh(i): drilling and boring of 2 nos. of tube wells of 300mm dia meter including lowering of casing at MSAA-EPS. Sh(ii): construction of storage tank of 300 cum capacity at MSAA-EPS   Details
Nov 24 : Truck mounted Hydrostatic Coring Drill rig having capacity to drill 1000 meters (Minimum) in "N" series wireline drill rods.(10 NOs.)   Details
Nov 24 : Alloy steel rolled Round Bars of different Diameters   Details
Nov 23 : Industrial Painting Work of SRU Ph-I, II & III Through Paint Manufacturer On Supply and Apply Basis at ONGC Hazira Plant, Surat.   Details
Nov 23 : Hiring of Services for Pipeline modification & hook-up jobs for integrating existing and upcoming process facilities at Odalarevu Onshore Terminal   Details
Nov 23 : Dismantling, testing, servicing, repair, calibration, certification& re-installation of Pressure Safety Valves and relief valves of onshore terminal & GCS (Gas collecting station) at Odalarevu   Details
Nov 23 : Modified stub ACME 3 tpi threading inserts for threading of tube having grade SAE-1541/4130, External right hand tool holder and Internal right hand tool holder   Details
Nov 22 : Hiring of Services for AMC of HPC Cluster System   Details
Nov 22 : Rate contract for Route & Cadastral Survey of pipelines of Mehsana Asset For A Period Of three Years   Details
Nov 22 : Terminal automation system at Hubli, Hazira, Miraj and Solapur IRDs of HPCL   Details
Nov 21 : Project Managment consultancy services for CGD projects   Details
Nov 21 : Civil & Structural works for DHT project & HGU/CDU-3 Shutdown at BPCL, Mumbai refinery   Details
Nov 21 : Primary support for DHDS and DHDT unit Supply of 9-5/8" casing and accessories for the block CB-ONN-2010/8 Cambay Basin, Gujarat   Details
Nov 21 : Suppply of crossover swage for the block CB-ONN-2010/8 Cambay Basin, Gujarat   Details
Nov 18 : Primary support for DHDS and DHDT unit   Details
Nov 18 : EPCM services for DHDT Project of NRL Refinery   Details
Nov 17 : Massflowmeter Supply - Mazgaon   Details
Nov 17 : Providing Consultancy services for aand implementation of GST, IOCL   Details
Nov 16 : Heat Exchanger Overhauling Job, MRPL   Details
Nov 16 : Dismantling & Disposal of CDU-I & FPU at Mumbai Refinery   Details
Nov 16 : Engagement of Agency for root cause analysis   Details
Nov 16 : Providing Consultancy services for ' EIA-EMP & RA Studies', CPCL   Details
Nov 15 : Survey of under ground assets using ground penetrating radar system for BS-IV flare project   Details

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