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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jan 04 : Supply of Pressure Gauges   Details
Jan 04 : Procurement of Pneumatic Pressure Controller, Assam   Details
Jan 03 : Procurement of Chemicals and Industrial gases, Pata   Details
Jan 03 : Terminals/Stations works for Phulpur-Haldia pipeline project   Details
Jan 03 : Supply and supervision of Surge Relief Valve with skid, Mumbai Refinery   Details
Jan 03 : Civil works at drill site KGDC in North Bank area   Details
Jan 03 : Addition of suction & delivery pipelines of select pumps and extension of pump manifolds and associated jobs and other allied civil and mechanical jobs at Loni Terminal, Pune   Details
Jan 03 : Procurement of Radiant tubes for Naphtha Cracker Furnaces of ECU, Assam   Details
Jan 03 : Supply of Refracory castables for CCU   Details
Jan 03 : Primary Viscosifier/ Downhole Viscosity Modifier in Drilling mud, Rajasthan   Details
Jan 02 : Rate Contract for Maintenance & Inspection of Crude Oil Storage Tanks at WRPL, Gujarat   Details
Jan 02 : Erection, Installation and commissioning of LPG Compressor at Dhanaj LPG Bottling Plant   Details
Jan 02 : Expression of Interest for Empanelment of Third Party Inspection Agencies for IOCL Refineries Division   Details
Jan 02 : Supply of Gas detectors and upgradation of Gas Detector Panel at Shahjahanpur Bottling Plant   Details
Jan 02 : Supply of De Oiling Poly Electrolyte Anionic for ETP, Mangalore   Details
Jan 02 : ROU and Washout Maintenance of Pipelines under Dibiyapur Region, Auraiya   Details
Jan 02 : Certification of Mass flow meters, Panipat Refinery   Details
Jan 02 : Providing Civil Works at 'MDDF' Drill Site in Sirkazhi area of Nagapattinam district, Karaikal   Details
Jan 02 : Laying and Construction of Steel Gas Pipeline along with associated facilities for Spurlines of Phulpur-haldia Pipeline Project   Details
Jan 02 : Supply, Installation and Commissioning of High Pressure Hydrogen Skid, Pata   Details
Dec 30 : Construction of mounded storage vessel at Cherlapalli and Solapur, Mumbai   Details
Dec 30 : Supply of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Pipelines Division   Details
Dec 30 : Annual Maintenance Contract for Gas Monitoring System   Details
Dec 30 : Supply of Mass Flow Meters, Pipelines Division   Details
Dec 30 : Installation & Commissioning of three chiller Units, Rajasthan   Details
Dec 30 : Hiring the services of ROW patrolling services for a period of two years, Assam   Details
Dec 30 : Procurement of Drag Reducing Additive Injection Skid for BPCL pipelines   Details
Dec 30 : Hiring of empty HC condensate carrying road tanker for KG-OSN-2001/3 Block   Details
Dec 29 : Supply of Mobile Spill Oil Recovery unit   Details
Dec 29 : Supply of Casings for Rajasthan Project   Details

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